Thursday, 27 June 2013

New Approaches to the Victorian Short Story - 4th July 2013

Thursday 04 July 2013        UoB, Room 119 Arts Building     12:45 - 5:15pm
This symposium aims to address the lack of critical attention that the Victorian short story has received by bringing together academics working on different aspects of the form. Owing to the popularity of the periodical press, the genre flourished throughout the period; Dickens, Gaskell, Collins, Eliot and James as well as lesser-known authors all produced short stories. The limitations of the form allowed for a degree of experimentation which may have been too much of a commercial risk in a full length work. As John Bowen writes, “the short story is in many ways a marginal form, which often takes marginal or outlaw figures as its central concern. It troubles itself, and thus its readers, with remarkable or strange events, with the inexplicable, disorderly or queer.” We aim to start a critical conversation regarding the nature and functions of the short story genre within the larger context of Victorian literature. If you would like to attend please contact Dr Lizzie Ludlow on

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