Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Universitas 21 PhD Scholarships

Applications are now invited for the Universitas 21 PhD Scholarships Programme. We are keen to encourage as many PhD students as possible to take advantage of this excellent opportunity. PhD students can apply for a Scholarship award of up to £1500 for a period of around one month’s stay at a Universitas 21 institution. The main aim of the award is to allow students to enhance their research by providing access to expertise or resources not readily available at Birmingham. It also aims to facilitate collaboration with academics internationally and create opportunities to present, helping to raise the profile of students’ work. Funding is for projects to be initiated during 2013-14.

For a full list of U21 institutions please visit the official U21 website at  
We have up to ten scholarships on offer to be used for a research visit during 2013-14. Please follow the link below for an application form:
The application deadline is Friday March 29th 2013. For any further queries contact:
Matt Clulee, International Office, Beech House 0121 41 45323  or visit the intranet pages.

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