Thursday, 15 March 2012

Public speaking workshop and Personal Branding Masterclass

*Please note that both of these workshops have a limited number of places and we recommend you book asap if you want to attend.
Personal Branding Masterclass
By the end of the masterclass delegates will be able to:
• Increase their attractiveness to prospective employers through their personal brand.
• Understand how to use their personal brand as part of their research careers.
• Appreciate why their values lie at the heart of their personal brand.
• Understand the rationale for connecting their values with their stakeholders’ values.
• Use communications, behaviour, design and multisensory cues to develop their personal brand.
• Reflect on their personal brand in a more meaningful way.
• Recognise the importance of delivering an authentic and consistent personal brand experience.
• Understand how to differentiate themselves from other personal brands.
• Feel more confident and comfortable with their personal brand.
• Utilise their personal branding knowledge and skills to refine ‘their brand’ as their careers develop.
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Speakeasy!  Public speaking workshop for postgraduate researchers
Drawing on professional acting skills and techniques, the one-day course addresses the following issues:
• How to be an effective communicator in the lecture theatre, seminar room or in the conference hall.
• How to get your message across, keep your audience engaged and actually enjoy the experience.
• Voice projection, posture, body language and how to calm your nerves.
• Different modes of communication: how to lead seminars, chair conferences and conduct a Q&A.
• Techniques for presenting, how to deliver complex ideas and personalise your style of delivery.
• Methods of communication: how to use PowerPoint, present a poster and ‘how to think on your academic feet’.
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